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  • 26.10. - Newcastle – Pink Lane To Get New Micropub?
    Nestled majestically next to bins, with a breathtaking vista of Rafferties smokers and wanked out guys coming out of the nearby massage parlour.
  • 24.10. - Durham – Court Inn To Be Ruined.
    Expect all the usual bullshit that goes along with a 30 something's idea of modernity, chilled Sundays, VIP areas and fucking cocktails.
  • 22.10. - Sunderland – Gatsby’s Refurb
    Gatsby's has been there for a while now on the site of what used to be a pensioners cafe
  • 20.10. - Sunderland – Darwin Annex To Be Demolished.
    The building is probably being demolished for expediency so they can sell the land and be the only university in the UK that doesn't own anything.
  • 18.10. - 2020 Gets Worse – Grolsch Returns
    Asahi have decided the polio drop flavoured shite should be rebranded.
  • 16.10. - The Hooch?
    Out of the seemingly endless list of things that annoy me, its social media presence of a new bar- with no details.
  • 15.10. - Newcastle – 2Knives Kitchen Opening In Hoults Yard
    2Knives have successfully gained a license to open a casual dining experience in the hipster hotbed of Hoults Yard.
  • 14.10. - Plane Themed Gin Bar Opens
    it looks like the place aircraft investigators rebuild wreckage to work out what caused a horrific plane crash into a residential area.
  • 27.08. - New Pub Pressure Group – Yes, Another one
    I'm not too sure where this fits in the increasingly crowded pub pressure groups
  • 26.08. - Newcastle – The Glass House – in Bother
    In a surprise to absolutely fucking no one, its lofty standards have slipped somewhat over the last five years.
  • 25.08. - Gin Bar To Open, Staff To Dress As Cabin Crew
    As themes go it's only one step up from a prostate exam themed bar. Of course, we wish them all the best.
  • 24.08. - Neverspoons App Launched
    To be honest, even if the red-faced cunt offered to fellate me while drinking a £1.29 pint, I still wouldn't pop in.
  • 24.08. - Newcastle – Beach Bar Now Open At The Holy Hobo.
    Litter tray in carpark near central motorway
  • 23.08. - Marstons – Not Giving A Fuck About Customers and Staff
    I for one want to clamber over the corpses of punters and staff to have a pint while listening to the lamentations of their loved ones.
  • 22.08. - Newcastle – House of Smith to be Renamed ‘Dead Crack Baby’
    I used to speedball when I was a lollipop man, I stopped when I released I was jeopardising the kids, then I found out they were not kids but pigeons,
  • 14.07. - Newcastle – Forest Halls Flying Scotsman roof terrace approved.
    It's a typical 1960 purpose-built estate pub, full of colourful characters
  • 13.07. - Newcastle – Block and Bottle have moved
    It makes the journey between St Theresa’s and the Tipsy Toad more manageable now you can pop in for a pint halfway down.
  • 12.07. - Gateshead – The Central changes hands
    The proposed spruce up includes painting the outside pink again and the return of flea-bitten rottweilers.
  • 11.07. - Newcastle – What The Fuck is an Okana?
    Everyone will still call it The Union Rooms so why not just leave it alone?
  • 10.07. - Sunderland – Bonded Warehouse Closed… Again
    Seems that the only thing of any note I achieved at University, has closed... Again
  • 11.06. - Emergency Beercast Network
    Who misses my meandering pointless anecdotes about beer? This one includes, goths, haunted houses, somebody who may have been called Tim and why you should drink Darwin Brewery Ltd beer
  • 28.04. - Sunderland – Vaux Opening New Brewery And Tap Room
    The recently revived Vaux brand seems to have gone from strength to strength
  • 27.04. - Sunderland – Fitzys for sale
    Over the last 24 years, Fitzgeralds has been one of the best pubs in Sunderland.
  • 27.04. - Belfast – Lidl To Open Pub In Dundonald
    Lidl have realised only pissed people buy scuba gear from a supermarket
  • 26.04. - Beer Cafe to open on Chillingham Road.
    Finally, somewhere to stop off for refreshment on the arduous 500-metre stroll between the Hussar and the Heaton Tap.
  • 26.04. - Sunderland – The Old Vestry Returns
    Whats next? The Pilgrim reopening
  • 05.04. - Belfast – 2004 Pub Guide
    Relive the early 00's in Belfast
  • 30.03. - Geordie theme pub earmarked for Strawberry Place.
    What the fuck is going to be in Geordie theme pub? Sting? Gazzas' famous chicken? Geordie Shore spit roast? A man punching a horse?
  • 28.03. - House of Smith closes
    House of Smith, where cunts drink, has been stripped of its license
  • 26.03. - Fleet Street Development Blocked
    I don't care what you say about Fleet Street, it has been shit for the past 24 years.
  • 26.03. - Another shipping container thing..This time in the Ouseburn.
    Artisan log shops, 28 day mature handcrafted Peloponnesian soap makers and Pubs
  • 20.03. - Sunderland – Hendon Grange for sale
    We're big fans of impressive-looking Victorian pubs
  • 08.03. - Duke of Wellington to be Ruined early 2021
    YOLO - a term used by people who had top bants with 'The Lads' after a cheeky Nandos in 2016
  • 06.03. - {COPY} {PASTE} Something About Green Ginger
    Listen I can't be arsed writing about 'The Middle-Class Gate' again ... this new bar Vineyard 77 is even owned by one of the other pubs.
  • 05.03. - Sunderland – Flogging a dead horse
    Grey Horse in Whitburn, with more comebacks than Jesus
  • 04.03. - Belfast – New Limelight for the Cathedral Quarter
    I have many fond memories of the Double L, like drinking 10 bottles of Poker Alice and doing a barf trombone all over the dance floor.
  • 03.03. - Sunderland – The Wolsey to reopen
    The Beer Bore favourite is due to reopen at the end of March
  • 02.03. - Belfast – CAMRA Beer festival returns
    I hear the Huns only like West Coast IPAs and the William Hagues like East Coast IPAs.
  • 14.02. - Roost
    Within stumbling distance of the McNichols and en-route to the kitchen, large food orientated pub, split level, is extremely dark inside and would make a good rock pub, if it didn’t have a bit of reputation. Not a bad boozer, worth the visit for the lunch Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Whites Tavern
    The oldest bar in Belfast, in the courtyard behind Monaco and within stumbling distance of Bridge Street, again a traditional looking bar but I think it lost some of its charms after being done out and then being burnt out. Still dark and cosy. Foods pretty good but of note is the hand-drawn Guinness, the […]
  • 14.02. - The Whig
    Large super pub on the site of the old northern Whig building, classy inside and large, has a fixation with food, the beer isn’t too bad, worth popping into seeing the statues liberated from the former USSR Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Rotterdam
    52-54 Pilot Street Belfast County Antrim BT1 3AH Botanic Inn owns this place. Not that you’d know this as their trademark ghastliness and the homespun “aspirational lifestyle” shtick that pervades the rest of their outlets is completely absent. I reckon this will, of course, vanish as more people move to the “aspirational apartments” that are […]
  • 14.02. - Queens
    Pub in the Queens Arcade, pretty non-descript really Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Pothouse
    Trendy bar, I can’t believe I was allowed into, expensive affair in a 1970’s carbuncle of a building, this must be where all the good looking folk go in Belfast, they have a blues guitarist on when we were which was pretty good. Strikes me as being more of a food place or somewhere to […]
  • 14.02. - Pats
    Old world pub situated in a courtyard leading to the new Call centre development on the banks of the lagan. The main entrance takes you to an old-style pub, dark and cavernous with the smell of peat wafting from the open fire. You can sit either in the traditional area by the fire chomping down […]
  • 14.02. - Muldoons
    Belfast’s second most Nautical Bar (hhharrrrrr). Unspoilt, good Guinness and well worth a look (again before some prick in thick-rimmed glasses (who thinks spending Daddies money on a bar indicates entrepreneurship) buys it, rips it apart and turns it into a “pre-club bar” (whatever the frig that is.). Second opinion: Another traditional pub (not a […]
  • 14.02. - Morrisons
    Another pub that is etched in everyone’s memories, either for being allowed in and having a good time or getting turned away for the most ludicrous reasons. Near the Ulster hall and a short jaunt from Blackstaff square and Katy Daly’s. It has been done out recently and no longer looks like an old shop, […]
  • 14.02. - Morning Star
    Larger high ceiling traditional bar on Pottinger entry, this bar is popular for two reasons (maybe even three) it is a traditional boozer, it has not changed a lot really apart from a better lit back food bit, the bookies are across from it so you get a lot of people in who like a […]
  • 14.02. - Monaco
    The Monaco bars are another pretty famous stomping ground in Belfast, the front bar is every bit the traditional Irish affair with high ceilings, and seating along the walls , if you take a swing around to the back bar (or the lounge) this is were the food is served, better lit and heaving a […]
  • 14.02. - McHughs
    One of three contenders for Belfast’s oldest pub. It’s utter rubbish of course as it only opened about 7 years ago. As a Botanic Inns bar, it has a “theme” this one is their take on the gastro-pub as the entire top half of the place is devoted to a restaurant. Of course “gastro” in […]
  • 14.02. - Madisons
    Another pub I tried unsuccessfully to get into for four years, finally, me and Baron got in wearing ties. What a disappointment… In fact, no it wasn’t it was exactly what I expected… Don’t bother Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Lifeboat
    One of the few spit and sawdust boozers left. Full of old blokes in dunchers watching the races. They even sell Buckfast by the glass. Unbeatable for the character. And unbeatable for characters. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Laverys
    The huge famous pub has three floors and the infamous back bar. They did it out a decade ago and it hasn’t really changed other than I no longer venture upstairs, instead, I sit watching the same people who drank in there ten years ago still talking about how there bands going to make it […]
  • 14.02. - Kitchen Bar
    I used to love the Kitchen – “Country Cooking in the heart of the City”. Paddies Pizza, huge Ulster Fries all washed down with a selection of real ales. Add to this a huge mix of customers (from the shopper to the office worker through to the racing follower attracted by the beer and the […]
  • 14.02. - Katy Daly’s
    A bar attached to the Limelight, formerly known as The Dome and formerly not very friendly to the alternative sorts. But the management has discovered a niche after the closure of Rock Bottom and The Drury Lane. Welcome us with open arms. The bar is large and still has remnants of why it was called […]
  • 14.02. - John Hewitt
    I remember when this bar opened they wouldn’t let me in for being ‘too casual’. Thankfully this has all changed now, the management realises that the secret to a good bar is a mix of people Nice new pub with traditional style. This pub stands out from the newer pubs in two respects, it doesn’t […]
  • 14.02. - Garrick
    Just behind the City hall, a proper pub, bar on one side as you walk in which is nicely done out, with tiles and a ton of wood. A place that you cannot get near on a lunchtime because shoppers and office sorts mingle. The food is good and it used to hold a pretty […]
  • 14.02. - Fly
    Used to be a great pub then they did it out. They spent millions on it and it looked out of date four days later. They then started to refuse me entry because I was wearing a shirt and boots but let my under 21 mate in wearing training shoes. So I complained a lot […]
  • 14.02. - The Fountain
    Just outside Queens arcade, large corner bar is famous for a number of reasons, again another traditional feel to the bar, but has a bit of a reputation from a while back. Though when I have been in it was decent with everyone being friendly and having a laugh Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Robinsons
    Another famous bar, god knows how many times I have been turned away from here for all manner of interesting reasons. Large bright pub split over three levels and four bars. I always head to the back bar (Fibar Magees) which is a Mock Micks pub, dark with a type of shop larder feel. Guinness […]
  • 14.02. - Empire
    Another famous pub in what I assume was an old church, the original bar in the basement, and it is large and has a stage at one end. Sells pretty good food and is always busy. Do not drink the Smithwicks. Hasn’t really changed but has lost a lot of its charm since everyone seems […]
  • 14.02. - Duke of York
    A bit of a favourite of mine even though it has no real ales, it is steeped in history and also looks the part tucked away down an alleyway. Has a large front room and equally large back room, has all the usual lagers and beers on. Of particular interest is the extensive whisky collection […]
  • 14.02. - Dempsey Crevice
    They wouldn’t let me in because was wearing boots on another occasion they wouldn’t let me in because I wasn’t wearing a tie, they wouldn’t let me in because I had an earring I did, however, manage to get in when the bouncer went to the toilet. And its crap… don’t even think about going […]
  • 14.02. - Deershead
    About 20 yards from the front of Castlecourt, this once-forgotten bar has recently gone through a renascence mainly because of the food, which is excellent) and you can’t get near it on a Friday afternoon when all the CSA bailout from the building facing it. Part of the bar is boothed traditional affair where you […]
  • 14.02. - Crown
    Every time I travel home the first pub I must drink in is the Crown, as this is the only pub in the UK owned by the national trust, it is boothed, wood finished stain class windowed. It looks like a temple to drinking, foods pretty good and the Guinness is excellent. It is always […]
  • 14.02. - Firebrick Brewery To Open a Tap In Grainger Market.
    As always, I welcome anywhere that sells tasty booze and also gives another revenue stream to a brewery.
  • 14.02. - Copperfields
    Opposite the Fountain medium-sized with the bar at one end, wood finished going for the traditional Irish feel(again) another bar with a bit of bad reputation. I had no problems with it but I would not drink in there at night Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Clarendon
    Deceptively purple pub on the outside; also because it is a corner bar you expect it to be massive inside, which it is not, it is small contemporary wood finished affair, with an exceptionally good pint of Guinness. Nice and relaxed inside, seats where a bit uncomfortable, had to drink more to take the edge […]
  • 14.02. - Capstan
    Just off Cornmarket, this is an upstairs pub over the ever-changing shop downstairs, it has, as the name would suggest a nautical fee, for many years I wondered why it had cloth nailed to the ceiling. It turns out they were meant to be sails. A bit dodgy at night and there are significantly better […]
  • 14.02. - Boxing Ring
    Large Wetherspoons pub just up from Morrison’s, alright early in the day. But terrifying at night. Please avoid Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Bot
    Near the university facing the Egg, a pub in Belfast that sells real ale, It is large and spacious, always seems to be busy with a good mix of people, they have an upstairs which I have never been in and you will either find me sitting in the raised bit on the righthand side […]
  • 14.02. - Bittles
    Unusual Bar in Belfast’s only flat iron shape building. The décor made up of huge paintings of Irish literary greats (Shaw, Yeats, Wilde etc) propped up against the bar supping pints of Guinness and chewing the fat. Being next door to the Law courts means that it attracts the legal crowd at Lunchtime. The Guinness […]
  • 14.02. - Beaten Docket
    humph Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - American Bar
    On the same beaten track as the Clarendon, the American bar is one of the few remaining boozers in Belfast that appeals to the “working man” – always full of guys in high visibility workwear who actually need to wear for their jobs rather than for a cheap thrill Like this:Like Loading...
  • 14.02. - Aunty Annies
    Another bar that used to have a ludicrous door policy, tried to throw me and my mate out after we spent all day in there when it turned 7 o’clock. But now they endorse the alternative types and since half of us grow out of it and the other half is too gormless to care […]
  • 13.02. - Sgt Peppers Is Getting A Refurbishment.
    Say what you like about Sgt Peppers but at least it's consistent...consistently shit.
  • 12.02. - The Green Man – New Ethical Pub For Newcastle
    A new pub in Newcastle is due to open February. It aims not only to sell beer and quality local produce but to actively support charitable causes.
  • 11.02. - Bigg Market Shitters Open.
    The wine bar in the Bigg Market Bogs opened last Friday and as much as I hate to admit it, it looks really nice. Of course, a bar is not it’s fixtures and fittings and the shambling detritus who lope around the Bigg Market will soon make it a wretched place. I now have 4 […]
  • 08.02. - Dylans
    Location:Westgate Road, downstairs from the Tyne Theatre, a short distance from the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapClosed: below the theatre. This pub is currently closed which is unfortunate because they had tons of weird whiskeys and at least two good ales on. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Newcastle – 2005 Pub Guide
    Have you ever wondered what it was like to drink in Newcastle 15 years ago? Well , You're in luck
  • 08.02. - Northumberland Arms
    Prudhoe Chare, next to the entrance to Eldon Square Shopping centre. Near to the shops on  Northumberland Street.Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Underneath the main entrance of Eldon square on Northumberland street, it must be basement neighbours with Trillians. Seems quite popular with the alternative crowd, but […]
  • 08.02. - Yates
    Location:30 Grainger Street, .Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday 12 noon – 10.30pm. Shite bar shite beer shite food Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - The Wooden Doll
    Location:Hudson St,North Shields,NE30 1JS One of the best-known pubs in North Shields, and is one of the few remaining Jennings pubs that I know of. Inside it is a bit ….well ya know Pubby, nothing special, however, the beer garden overlooks the mouth of the Tyne and is very pleasant on a sunny day, quaffing […]
  • 08.02. - The White Star
    Location:Facing the Academy just up from the Black SwanOpen: On Westgate road often forgotten about. Again not a bad pub… just a bit non-descript. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - The Waterline
    Location:96 East Quayside close to the riverside.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Pub on the quayside (besides the law courts) which has a large beer garden at the front and is airy inside. The beer is crap, but it is nicely done out and the food […]
  • 08.02. - The Victory
    Location:South Gosforth Roundabout the Victory Pub at south Gosforth roundabout, is a canny boozer, again the ale is excellent usually have four or five guests on, of course, they have the obligatory Mordue brews which are excellent as always. The pub is low ceilinged wooden framed affair. a dark and proper pub. Toilets are a […]
  • 08.02. - Union Rooms
    Location:48 Westgate Road, opposite RoyalStation Hotel, near the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday 11am – 10.30pm. Now open from 10am Monday – Saturday. A huge pub inhabiting the building of an old gentleman’s club. Ales are good and cheap. But it suffers from the people sitting in […]
  • 08.02. - Tynemouth Lodge
    Location:Tynemouth Lodge Hotel,Tynemouth Road,Tynemouth,Tyne and Wear,NE30 4AA the old Coach house, very nice boozer, traditional busy and has a cracking atmosphere has a beer garden which I never got into but still, it’s a proper pub. the ales are exceptional has Belhaven, bass and Deuchars IPA that would turn you into an alcoholic well worth […]
  • 08.02. - The Tyne
    Location:Maling Street, near to the Ouseburn at the far end of the Quayside.Metro – ManorsClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 12pm – 11pm, Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm. Pub beneath walker road bridge (down a muddy track from the Free trade) this is a pub I used to hate but has grown on me considerably since […]
  • 08.02. - Tut ‘n’ Shive
    Location:52 Clayton Street West, near to the Central Station and directly opposite the Centre of Life.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday- Saturday noon – 11pm and Sunday noon – 10.30pm. An alternative pub, has ales on which have always run out, has that dump quality that attracts alternative sorts, not bad but has been […]
  • 08.02. - Trillian
    Location:Princess Square, opposite the City Library, in centre of shopping area.Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm. cause its there and the Guinness isn’t bad. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Trent House
    Location:1-2 Leazes Lane, near toNewcastle United Football stadium, a short distance from the Haymarket.Metro – HaymarketClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. I detest this pub – owned by the same people who own world headquarters and they have jumped on every bandwagon since it open way be back […]
  • 08.02. - Tilley’s
    Location:104 Westgate Road, next to the Tyne Theatre A short distance to Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday- Saturday noon – 11pm and Sunday noon – 10.30pm. I loved this pub, I loved the crowd, I loved the download jukebox and the ale…my god the ale, and it was good and cheap tooUnfortunately, […]
  • 08.02. - The Three Bulls Heads
    Location:57 Percy Street, oppositeEldon Square Bus Station.Metro – HaymarketClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am – 1am An average pub serves stones – neither love or loathe it Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Strawberry
    Location:7/8 Strawberry Place, next to Newcastle United Football stadium, a short distance from the City Centre and Chinatown.Metro – St JamesClick here for map  Open:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. owned by the same people who own the Hotspur, the beer is as you would expect of high quality and the food […]
  • 08.02. - Stereo
    Location:Sandgate, near to the Travelodge Hotel and riverside.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday 11am – 10.30pm. Previously the Fog and Firkin pub. A pub with commanding views of the quayside. Contemporary feel to the pub and is the warm up venue for the near by foundation. Actually do nice […]
  • 08.02. - Ship Inn
    Location:Whitley road benton On Whitley road in Benton a quick jaunt from Benton metro stop deceptively large traditional pub very sport orientated and has a mix of locals and civil servant beer is exceptionally good and the food isn’t bad Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Sgt Peppers
    Location:Vine Lane, at the top of Northumberland Street, near Haymarket Metro Station.Metro – HaymarketClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am – midnight, Sunday noon – 11.30pm. an early eighties theme pub…wouldn’t look out of place in the 1980’s classic Gregory’s girl Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Rosies
    Location:2 Stowell Street, on edge of Chinatown near to St James Park Metro stationMetro – St JamesClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. At the bottom of china town, facing the Irish centre, looks identical to the Dun Cow in Sunderland. No ales but you will find me in […]
  • 08.02. - Revolution Vodka Bar
    Location:Collingwood Street, close to the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday noon – 1am, Sunday noon – midnight. Free entry. An impressive conversion of an old bank, was really nice, it is now a bit identi-kit. A hundred different varieties of vodka and huge queues on a weekend. Thus proving if […]
  • 08.02. - Red house
    Location:32 Sandhill, next to Bob Trollops pub in centre of Quayside.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Nicely olde worlde pub part of the quilted camel complex does some pretty decent food and you can saunter between the red house and bob trollops if you desire. Good […]
  • 08.02. - Rafferities / Quinns
    Location:29-31 Pink Lane, next door to Quin’s. A short distance from the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Open Monday – Friday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. A pub I tried unsuccessfully to get served in for some time, I am either too old or not alternative enough. A favourite as far […]
  • 08.02. - Quayside (Lloyds no 1)
    Location:35 The Close, next to the Copthorne Hotel  Situated next River Tyne & to the night club ‘Sea’.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 10am – 1am, Sunday noon – 12.30am. Nice barn type pub at the on the river on the Quayside. Old Vaux (rip) house been taken over by Wetherspoons, has a good […]
  • 08.02. - Punch Bowl
    Cradewell In the great British pub guide, not a bad looking pub (it’s traditional) but the variety of beer on offer was a bit limited and tasted like it had not been poured in while (maybe that’s the way Theakstons XB is meant to taste) has a large screen telly and pool table. Not a […]
  • 08.02. - Pumphreys
    Location:44 Cloth Market, in main area of Bigg Market.Metro – MonumentClick here for map Open:Monday – Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm. Hideous pub in the Bigg Market, at the end of the old George entry. I’ve seen some dodgy stuff in pubs and what I have seen in there take the biscuit…avoid […]
  • 08.02. - Popolos
    Location:82 – 84 Pilgrim Street, next to the Market Lane.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Tuesday 11am – midnight, Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – midnight. Free entry. Pretentious Italian theme bar, has an excellent selection of bottle beers which are pricey…more of a Sunday afternoon drinking place than an all […]
  • 08.02. - Pitch and Piano
    Location:108 Quayside, next to Millennium footbridge.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday noon – 11pm, Friday noon – midnight, Saturday and Sunday 11am – midnight. Large purpose-built glass building because it is situated on the Newcastle side of the millennium bridge, it is graced with fantastic views of the Gateshead quay. Always busy, really […]
  • 08.02. - Percy Arms
    Location:83 Percy Street, next to Haymarket Bus Station.Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. An old bikers haunt used to drink in their regular, no ales but a good jukebox has since been done out and looks like a wine bar. Last time I was in three […]
  • 08.02. - Pacific
    Location:12-22 Northumberland Road, near to Huxters pub Metro – HaymarketClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday 9am – 11.20pm, Friday & Saturday 9am – 1am. Sunday 11am – 10.50pm. apparently spent 2 million quid furnishing this pub in the late 1990’s. Unfortunately, it looked dated two weeks after it opened. The beer is terrible. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Prince of Wales
    location down the hill from the Maggi bank and short walk from the Wooden Doll, this Samuel smiths pub is a bit of hidden gem, when you walk past the nicely tiled exterior, into the public bar it is along the thin area which has an open fire at one end. As you walk through […]
  • 08.02. - Old Orleans
    Location:Percy Street, next to the Haymarket Bus & Metro Station.Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – 12.30pm In the Haymarket bus concourse – cheap cocktails on a happy hour…no other redeeming features Like this:Like Loading...
  • 08.02. - Old George
    Location:Old George Yard, Cloth Market, down back lane in heart of the Bigg Market.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday- Friday 12pm – 11pm, Saturday 11am – 1am and Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm Deceptively big pub in an old coaching inn the bar again is sprawling but is thankfully sectioned off with the more modern decor […]
  • 08.02. - Offshore
    Location:40 Sandhill, opposite to Guild Hall, in the centre of the Quayside.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Part of the Quilted camel complex on the Quayside, has an old woody maritime feel to, nice and dark inside, but suffers from that Plub thing. Usually heaving on […]
  • 08.02. - O’Neil’s
    Location:38 Neville Street, directly opposite the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11pm – 11pm and Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm Imagine it now, your in Dublin, you want to go for a pint of the black stuff, you stick your head into a smoke-filled bar with an ole fella at one […]
  • 08.02. - North Terrace
    Location:North Terrace, a 10 minute walk to Haymarket Bus and Metro Station.Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. A bit off the beaten track but a nice enough pub, its close proximity to the university and the hospital mean you get a good mix of people in, […]
  • 08.02. - Newcastle Arms
    Location:57 St Andrews Street, close to ChinatownMetro – St JamesClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Not a bad pub, occasionally has a bit of a dodgy atmosphere, they have a lot of ales on which are generally of high quality, and isn’t a bad stopping off point in […]
  • 08.02. - Market Lane (Monkey Bar)
    Location:72-74 Pilgrim Street, on the edge of the city centre.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm and Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm. Proper pub spit and sawdust- the beers is generally good and is an oasis of calm in the midst of an increasingly popular drinking spot in Newcastle Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Magnesia Bank
    Location:Camden StreetNorth ShieldsTyne & WearNE30 1NH. The Maggy bank in north Shields is an excellent pub..the ale is top notch always has exceptionally high standard beers from local brewers and from further a field. The food is exceptionally good and you will find me down there on a sunday afternoon tucking into their leek pudding […]
  • 06.02. - Madisons
    Location:Leazes Lane, near to the Eldon Square Bus StationClick here for map  Open:Monday – Saturday 5pm to 2am, Sunday 5pm – 12.30am The bar beside the hyena, goes through another refit and rename, looks pretty much exactly the same as destination or any other number of identi-kit bars on Osborne road, they had no ales on […]
  • 06.02. - Luckies
    Location:14 St Mary’s Place, opposite Civic Centre. Close to Newcastle andNorthumbria University. Convenient for the City Hall. Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. cheap drink, really busy, not very good Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Lennons
    Location:63 Newgate Street, close to Bigg Market and City Centre. Metro -MonumentClick here for map Open:Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – 1am. Theme bar of some description, sister bar of Sgt peppers. Proving that if you don’t do a bar out for ten years you can […]
  • 06.02. - Lonsdale
    Location:Lonsdale Terrace, Jesmond, next to West Jesmond Metro Station.Metro – West JesmondClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. At west Jesmond metro stop a huge two-floored pub popular with students and those about to embark on a bender down the nearby Osborne road. Serves food and the usual crap […]
  • 06.02. - Long Bar
    Location:39/47 Westgate Road, opposite to Union Rooms. Close to the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for map  Open:Monday noon – 1am, Tuesday & Wednesday noon – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday noon – 1am, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. A contemporary look to the pub…. which means it ‘s full of people getting off their heads on […]
  • 06.02. - Lodge
    Location:26 Moseley Street. Situated on the corner of Moseley Street/Dean StreetMetro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen: Late until 1am. Free admission. At the top of the Side on Mosley Street , large old Johnny Ringos, specialises in sport and good food. Not bad really. And one for all you Ant and Dec fans cause they […]
  • 06.02. - Loch side
    Location:Redhall drive Barras pub on Red hall drive, near Coach Lane campus. Large two-roomed pub with a beer garden to the front. Differs slightly from other Barras pubs in that this one served ale, which was of surprisingly decent quality. The pub has an air of unease and looks rundown. It still has its Christmas […]
  • 06.02. - Lane
    Location:41- 51 High Bridge, near the Bigg Market. Close to the centre.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm Used to be the Turks head short walk from Bacchus and more or less on top of the Duke. Large spacious pub, with lots of couches for you to […]
  • 06.02. - Hotspur
    Location:103 Percy Street, directlyopposite to Haymarket Bus Station.Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. I always gravitate towards this pub, it is, however, best to avoid when Newcastle play because it is heaving. The beer selection is really good and there is a good mix of people. […]
  • 06.02. - Head of Steam
    Location:2 Neville Street, opposite the Station Hotel and close to the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for map Open:Monday -Saturday noon -1am, Sunday noon – 12.30am. Free entry. Facing the train station this two-level pub has an excellent reputation for real ales and quality European lagers (first place in Newcastle to have Budvar) upstairs […]
  • 06.02. - Heros
    Location:48 Clayton Street West, directly across to the Centre for Life, a short distance from the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for map Open:Every day from 11am – 12.30am.. The only pub I have ever been barred from. But does have the horror quality that pubs near train stations should have. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Hancock
    Location:2a Hancock Street, beside the Civic Centre near to Hancock’s Museum.Metro – Haymarket Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 11.30am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11.30am – 1am, Sunday noon 10.30pm. Used to be Beirrex (lest we forget) is now a predominantly student pub… no ales, cheap cocktails, has a beer garden, two pool tables and […]
  • 06.02. - Gotham Town
    Location:Neville Street, directlyopposite Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm.. I used to really like this pub, nice décor and really should be right up my street, but unfortunately, it is not the food is a bit awful, the quality of the beers leaves a […]
  • 06.02. - Goose in the Garden
    Location:Eldon Garden, Percy street near to the Eldon Square Bus Station and Eldon Garden.Metro – Haymarket Click here for map Open:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. cheap pub, popular with just about everyone, no real ales, and food is good and cheap. Nothing exceptional. Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Genghis
    Location:Grainger Street, across from the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Used to be the Boston Bean Company, it’s not now.appeals to the upmarket crowd of the Grande Marche (Bigg market). Usually, charver brews of Stella and carling […]
  • 06.02. - The Gate
    Location:Large glass cathedral to capitalism.follow the smell of sick and cheap aftershave GIMME BACK MY CLUB YOU BASTARDS I refuse to drink in there because it is the Bigg Market with a roof. Just look at that fucking logo Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Free Trade
    Location:St Lawrence Road, in a raised position at the far end of the Quayside. There is one of the best views of the River Tyne from this pub.Metro – ManorsClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm.Telephone 0191 2655764  My favourite wee pub in Newcastle at the very bottom of […]
  • 06.02. - Forth
    Location:Pink Lane, near to St Mary’s Church, close to the Central Station. Opposite the live salsa and Jazz Café.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday noon – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday noon – 1am, A good mix of people, the beer is good (of note the liberty ale and the Lieffemans Framboziene) gets […]
  • 06.02. - Fluid
    Location:17-25 Gallowgate, Close to shops and opposite The Gate complex and Co-op store. A short distance from St James Park.Metro – St James Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Awful Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Flynns
    Location:63 Quayside,Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday 4pm – 11.30pm, Friday & Saturday noon – 11.30pm, Sunday 4pm – 11.30pm. On the Quayside has had about four name changes in as many years. It’s Quayside pub. The only distinguishing feature is that is a split level arrangement and the drinks are quite cheap Like […]
  • 06.02. - Fleet Street
    Location alright pub, is nothing spectacular, nothing wondrous on the beers front. looks like an old Vaux pub that ain’t been done out in about 14 years Like this:Like Loading...
  • 06.02. - Fever
    Location:Akenside Hill, directly under the Tyne Bridge.Metro – MonumentClick here for map Open:Monday – Thursday 5pm – 11pm, Friday & Saturday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm I’m nearly convinced that this is a converted garage. Around the corner from the Akenside traders, offers nothing new and is infinitely forgettable. I would tell you […]
  • 05.02. - Enigma
    Location:10 Carliol Square, behind Worswick Bus Station.Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – 10.30pm Warm-up pub for world headquarters across the road from it…no give it a chance, I know WHQ sucks and blows at the same time with all the bad haired, badly dress scenesters, but this bar is […]
  • 05.02. - Egypt Cottage
    Location:117 City Road, next to the Tyne Tees television studios. A short distance from the Quayside.Metro – ManorsClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-midnight, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. situated next to Tyne Tees television you can be lucky enough to see some of the presenters getting off their heads. […]
  • 05.02. - Destination
    Location:Neville Street, next to the Station Hotel, Central Station.Click here for mapOpen:Monday – Wednesday 4pm-midnight, Thursday 4pm – 1am, Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am, One of the new pubs in the increasingly popular area around the train station in Newcastle, just across the road from the head of steam, it is a large basement […]
  • 05.02. - Cumberland Arm
    Ouseburn Situated at the bottom of Byker wall, beside Byker bridge this is a hidden gem of a pub, has a beer garden that overlooks the Ouseburn, inside it has two downstairs rooms, on the left is the bar which you get all sorts of people in, on the right, you have lounge, which often […]
  • 05.02. - Cradlewell
    Location:175 Jesmond Road, short walk to Jesmond Metro station. About 15 minutes walk from the Haymarket.Metro – JesmondClick here for mapOpen:Open Monday – Friday noon – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Used to be a lacklustre ‘who would have thought it pub’. Has improved more than anybody could have hoped. Has an excellent range of […]
  • 05.02. - Crown Posada
    Location:31 The Side, Quayside, opposite Akenside Traders.Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday -Friday 11am – 11pm, Saturday noon – 11pm and Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm. The only truly decent pub in the Quayside. Don’t really know the history of it but it has won awards for its interior and the quality of the ales on […]
  • 05.02. - Courtyard
    Location:2 Scotswood Road, close to the Centre of Life, a short distance to Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for map Open:Monday – Saturday noon – 1am, Sunday noon – 12.30am. In the Gay Village, a nice enough pub with a canny atmosphere, always good for a change, but it doesn’t serve any ale. Always seem […]
  • 05.02. - Cornerhouse
    Location Top of Heaton road, it’s a Tom Barras pub, next to the people’s theatre, no guest ales to speak of, has a pool table and the food is good, cheap and cheerful. Has a large function room outback, which plays host to a number of different events the famous Corner house jazz night is […]
  • 05.02. - Coco V
    Location:Bewick House, Forth Lane. Opposite to St Mary’s church, a short distance from the Central Station.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen: Free entry&Saturday noon – 1am, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. Large trendy bar on Pink lane facing The Forth has a wide selection of the usual lagers etc but also has some Belgian beers on […]
  • 05.02. - Chillingham
    Location Not a bad boozer at all, I always find myself in the lounge rather than the public bar, seems to have a nicer atmosphere, they have a constant flow of Mordue beers and a couple of good guest ales (they also sell Tayto crisps). The public bar has a pool table darts and big-screen […]
  • 05.02. - Cluny
    Location Down the hill form the Cumberland, popular with the student, thespian crowd, because of its gig venue and art gallery, offers a wide range of guest ales and bottled beers (of note Thomas hardy ale 11.5% matured for over 25 years). It is unusual because it offers two real ciders, fruit beer on draft […]
  • 05.02. - Centurion
    Location: Central Station, Neville St. Metro – Central Station Click here for map Open: Grand Room Bar Monday – Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday 11am – midnight, Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon -midnight. Another surprisingly well-restored building in the train station, the interior is really impressive and lacks the horror of most […]
  • 05.02. - Carriage
    Location: rear of Archbold Terrace, close to the Northumbria University and Jesmond Metro station. 10 minutes walk from the Haymarket. Metro – Jesmond Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11.30am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. The converted train station at the bottom of Osborne road, you have to get to it by […]
  • 05.02. - Callaghan’s
    Location: New bridge Street, next to the Newcastle City Holiday Inn, a short distance from the main centre. Metro – Monument Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. An Irish theme bar that does not do my head in. the Guinness is good, has a downloadable jukebox, […]
  • 03.02. - Bob Trollops
    Location: Sandhill, next to Red House pub, in centre of Quayside area. Metro – Monument Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm Part of the ‘quilted camel’ complex, just across from the Akenside Traders at the bottom of the Side in the Quayside, in a fantastic looking […]
  • 03.02. - Bridge Hotel
    Location: Castle Garth, opposite the Castle Keep, in a historic part of Newcastle. Near to the Vermont Hotel. Metro – Central Station Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11.30pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. A Large Fitzgerald’s pub, beside the high-level bridge (it was built to quench their thirst. though ti can […]
  • 03.02. - Bonded Warehouse
    Location: 9-17 Broad Chare, Quayside, next to the Law courts . Metro – Monument Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11.30am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. On the Quayside beside the theatre and heartbreak soup, overlooking the law courts, a good place to watch all the charvers getting scooped and sent down. […]
  • 03.02. - Bodega
    Location: 125 Westgate Road, a short distance from the Central Station. Metro – Central Station Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. The winner of the Pub of the year 2005, excellent pub, large and airy, really good beer and an interior that you just have to […]
  • 03.02. - Bluebell
    Location: Jesmond Vale In Jesmond vale, has a large beer garden looking into the Vale, has two rooms the front room is where the live music and poetry readings take place the back room is where you sit and have a chat. Has a pool table and has it’s own brew made by mordue called […]
  • 03.02. - Black Bull
    Location: Whitley road The Black Bull in Benton was the first pub I had a drink in way back in 1992. Large Barras pub has all the usual food on. Again no ales have a large beer garden and has a slightly dodgy atmosphere. Nothing great, stick to the Benton or the Ship Inn Second […]
  • 03.02. - Benton Ale House
    Location: Whitley road On Whitley road, a short hop from Four Lane Ends Metro stop. An old Cameron’s pub has a traditional feel to it. has a pool table, serves food and has a constant rotation of ales on which are generally of a high standard (a pint of thoroughbred will cost you 2.30 and […]
  • 03.02. - Beehive
    Location:2 High Bridge in centre of Bigg Market.Metro – MonumentClick here for map Open:Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. In the Bigg market down from the duke and at the cusp of all the vomiting kickings and stabbings that take place in Sodom and Gomorrah at the weekends. The beer is […]
  • 03.02. - Bar Oz
    Location: Percy Street, near Haymarket metro station. Close to Civic centre. Metro – Haymarket Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. An Australian theme pub, which means you have a selection of bland lager on tap and a selection of canned bland lager from the fridge, foods […]
  • 03.02. - Barluga.
    Location:35 Grey Street, close to Eldon Square shopping centre. Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am, Prides it self in having cavaira on demand all day, which varies in price. Does a canny pint of Guinness, but to be honest with you their are better […]
  • 03.02. - Bar 52
    Location: Corner of Queen Street and Lombard Street, Metro – Monument Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 11pm,Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm. A large airy pub that again does not have any ale on, but does have a wide selection of cocktails. Has a bit of seventies bond villain thing going on […]
  • 03.02. - Bar 55 degrees
    Location: Unit 1, South Podium, Pilgrim Street, a short distance to City Centre. Metro – Monument Click here for map Open: Monday – Saturday 11am – 1am, Sunday noon – 10.30pm. How can a bar that is painted pink possibly be this bad…it’s even worse than you might imagine? Built below the 1960’s carbuncle, which […]
  • 03.02. - Baron and Baroness
    Location:Times Square, Centre for life. Metro Radio Arena & Central Station 10 mins.Metro – Central StationClick here for mapOpen:Monday 11am -midnight, Tuesday & Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday 11am – midnight, Friday & Saturday 11am – 1am and Sunday 11am – midnight. In the centre for life, have no ales whatsoever. Though the interior of […]
  • 03.02. - Bacchus
    Location: 34 High Bridge, close to the City Centre and near to Eldon Square shopping centre. Metro – Monument Open: Monday – Saturday 11.30am – 1am, Sunday 7pm – 10.30pm Apparently it is on the site of the old Bacchus, which I was only in when I was completely off my head on gin. Came […]
  • 03.02. - Akenside Traders
    Location:The Side, bottom of the bank down to the Quayside. Metro – MonumentClick here for mapOpen:Monday- Thursday 5pm – 11pm, Friday 11am – 11pm, Saturday 10.30am – 11pm and Sunday 10.30am – 11pm A pub at the bottom of the Side on the left-hand side, a large pub that is always busy has a typical quayside […]
  • 29.01. - Belfast – The Former Deers Head To Reopen As The Deers Head
    Belfast Deers Head- famous for being one of the last times I got asked for ID- ‘closed’ in 2002. Of course, closed, in Belfast means it got painted, a new sign and reopened as the perfectly passable but shitly named Ether and Echo-  Which in turn ‘closed’ a few years later and became Berliner- which […]
  • 28.01. - Belfast – Bob Stewarts Sold
    Hopefully, it will remain unchanged with only minor additional ‘Fuck off Kids’ signs
  • 27.01. - Belfast – Another ‘New’ Bar.
    If your definition of new is a lick of paint and a different name
  • 27.01. - Sunderlands First Micropub Opens
    'You know Fulwell a new pub has opened'.
  • 23.01. - Belfast – Business Rates On Pubs Increase By How F**king Much?
    The pub trade in Northern Ireland as a whole is struggling
  • 23.01. - Belfast – Pubs Closing At An Alarming Rate
    A direct consequence of the archaic system of licence surrender.
  • 18.01. - Sunderland – Former Pub to Serve alcohol Once Again?
    Breaking news from 2018
  • 17.01. - Coast Crawl – Whitley Bay
    Lots of new Bars, New Breweries and Bottleshops
  • 17.01. - Sunderland – Former Tap And Barrel To Become Apartments
    Like every other Victorian pub- it is to be turned into apartments.
  • 16.01. - Terrible Pub In The Gate Closes.
    Ah well
  • 16.01. - Tryanuary – Competition Free Belgian Beer
    Tryanuary – Free Belgian Beer January is a bit of a downer, you’ve spent all your money, the weather is awful and the next bank holiday is four months away. So to make it even more unbearable you’ve decided to cut out beer, go on a diet and go to the gym. It’s just awful. […]
  • 16.01. - Beer Box Closes
    Another victim of the high street Down turn
  • 15.01. - Guns, The Gate and Alcohol
    House of the Dead?
  • 15.01. - Whitley Bay Micropub Given The Go-Ahead
    Hopefully, it will be open in time for Whitley Bays fashion week when the area is inundated with the global elite
  • 11.01. - New ‘Super’ Spoons Takes A Step Closer
    Finally, a romantic location to take your frothing gammon loved one for a quiet night away where they can drink 'World Renowned' English wine
  • 11.01. - The Whey Aye Project Kicked Into The Long Grass
    The Whey Aye is up there with the ‘Durham Dildo’, a 250-foot phallus which was to be strapped to the Cathedral and have a slide down the urethra into the Nave
  • 10.01. - Belfast – Boundary Brewery Beer Festival
    Belfast Boundary Brewery are hoping to fill the void of ABVs demise and the last-minute cancellation of the CAMRA beer festival.
  • 10.01. - Belfast – ABV Festival Is No More.
    The festival- held in a rather grand church in Carlisle circus- has ran for 5 years, but will not be returning next year
  • 10.01. - Belfast – IFA Signs Deal With Saddlers Who Make Brummie Themed Beer
    Beerbore welcomes the new deal with Saddlers, the Birmingham based brewery who are famous for brewing Peaky Blinders- a notorious Birmingham gang who murdered people.
  • 09.01. - A New Bottle Shop Opens In Sunderland
    Then disappears up Its own arse.
  • 09.01. - Tyne Bridge To Get A Bar And ‘Event’ Space
    What is the point of The bridge? It takes up prime real estate and allows people from Gateshead to come over 'ere and do their shopping.
  • 08.01. - Sunderland – Golden Lion Sold At Auction.
    The Golden Lion- recently gutted in an arson attack- has now been sold
  • 08.01. - The Dolphin – Wins Sunderland Echo Pub Of The Year
    I think it was Gandhi who said 'You have got to be fucking kidding me’'
  • 07.01. - The Bigg Market Revival Continues – Mother Mercy Opens
    Another 'stunning', 'unique', 'boutique' bar from the team that brought us other 'stunning', 'unique', 'boutique' bars in town...
  • 07.01. - New Micropub Coming To Whitburn
    A new micropub in the sleepy village of Whitburn is opening soon
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