Please Note: I’ve now visited The Beerhall and its actually nice on a quiet Tuesday afternoon

Whites Tavern expands like a gangerous wound that spreads its vile poison through healthy flesh, into a beer hall that absorbs properties on North Street.

Whites, regarded as Belfast’s oldest and most disappointing pub, has gone through a bit of renascence of late. 

Gone are the locals, replaced with cruise ship blowins.

Gone are the ‘popping in for a quick pint’ to ‘sorry mate can’t sit there it’s booked in 9 hours’ time’

Gone are the quiet pints in darkened corners, to some trad wankers taking up valuable seating space so you can shout a conversation at a friend.

But now they have a beerhall extension to spread their own brand of banality even further into the nightlife of Belfast.

In principle a beerhall is a good idea, drinking good beer, having good friends, and eating hearty food. But I know this will just be an excuse for a large soulless space selling the same terrible beer at extortionate prices to a captive naive audience.

Whites survived the Luftwaffe and The Troubles only to be turned into the embodiment of everything wrong with the Belfast pub scene.