Beer Bore is a culmination of 27 years of passion and enthusiasm for all things beer, brewing, and pubs.

The journey began in 1996 at the University of Sunderland with the formation of the Beer and Real Ale Society (we couldn’t afford the CAMRA affiliation fees). B.R.A.S ran for 4 years and in my capacity as its president, I was responsible for the Sunderland Pub Guide in the fresher handbook in 1997 and 1998.

In 2001 I launched Pubs of Newcastle, Pubs of Sunderland, and Pubs of Durham sites on Geocities, these were soon moved on to more sensible host, which then went bankrupt and only the screen mocks and text files remain

After a brief hiatus, In 2003 I began reviewing pubs for a number of local music and alternative websites such as NE alternative, Netgoth, Tainted Lover, and Leaving Hope, some of these rather out-of-date reviews are still online.

With the increased popularity of Social media, in 2008 I set up Facebook groups, Pubs of Newcastle, Pubs of Sunderland, Pubs of Durham, and Pubs of Belfast (recently renamed to Pubs of Northern Ireland) which have luxuriated in update hell for nearly a decade – I’ll update them at some point

Tired of only boring my friends and family to death about pubs and beer I thought it was about time I bored more people to death so rekindled my online presence and in June 2019 I built Beer Bore

From the initial website ‘launch’ I have tried to increase Beerbore’s online presence through the popular Facebook group The Beer Brethern, Instagram, and Twitter the latter is used for screaming into the abyss rather than talking about beer.

My motivation differs from many similar sites, I don’t want to be an influencer or be given freebies (I don’t take them when offered) I want normal people to enjoy good beer in good pubs served by good people and if Beer Bore only encourages one person’s to try a pint or a new pub then I think it has been worthwhile.

Updated 09/01/2023