Beer Bore is a culmination of 27 years of passion and enthusiasm for all things beer, brewing and pubs.

It is a natural evolution of our dabbles in formalising our love of Beer. Which began in 1996 at the University of Sunderland with the formation of the Beer and Real Ale Society (we couldn’t afford the CAMRA affiliation fees). We were responsible for the comprehensive sunderland pub guide in the fresher handbook in 1998.

After a brief hiatus we began reviewing pubs for local music and alternative websites in 2003, some of these rather out of date reviews are still online(if you know where to find them).

With the increased popularity of social media, we also ran the ill-fated Pubs of Newcastle, Pubs of Sunderland and Pubs of Durham Facebook groups which have luxuriated in update hell for nearly a decade.

The explosion in ‘Craft beer’, micro-breweries prompted us to rekindled our old pet project.

The North East has a number of dedicated websites to beer and pubs , however they sometimes do not keep pace with the fast moving nature of the beer explosion. we hope to rectify that.

We also decide to branch out for the first time and include Northern Ireland, because it has nothing of this nature so it is our hope to plug the gap.