Links to other useful sites,

Beer From The Wood
Supporters of the craft of the cooper and they really do like cask ales, especially from wooden barrels.

Beer Me
The most complete source of brewery information worldwide

CAMRA – Belfast
New site for the Belfast wing of CAMRA.

CAMRA – Durham
A well maintained CAMRA site for the historic city of Durham has a list of ale trails which we will be reviewing in due course

CAMRA – Sunderland and South Tyneside
Site for Sunderland Area, insightful and useful articles for the beer scene ‘South Of The Water’ The well-produced ale trails are worth exploring.

CAMRA – Tyneside Branch
Local CAMRA website, with a selection of Back issues to download of their Canny Bevy circular.

CAMRA – Heritage Pubs
Personal Favourite of mine list of nice looking pubs in the UK

CAMRA – BeerCyclops
Not a mythical creature, but a CAMRA backed tasting notes campaign for Ales.

Cheers – North East
The best local publication on all things beery, with a knowledgeable and professional insights from a renowned team of experts.

Craft Beer Newcastle
Popular site that covers all things ‘crafty’ in Newcastle , with an invaluable Social Media presence on both Facebook and Twitter

Marks Alehouse
Invaluable resource for the discerning drinker in Northern Ireland

Morning Advertiser
Industry News and Features.

Pub Database of the North east
CAMRAs fascinating snapshot of the current bars in the region, it is also an invaluable resource for Pub completists.

Pubs of Newcastle
Long running pub guide to Newcastle , succinct reviews and pub crawls.

Support Beer From The Wood
The oldest consumer-based group interested in stimulating the brewing of, increasing the awareness of, and encouraging the drinking of traditional cask ale

Tilt and Pour
Long running Belfast beer blog