‘Newcastle has a lot of breweries within the city limits. these are the ones you can have a quiet pint in, which you will need if you are going to walk to all these.

If you are not feeling too enthused about the 11 mile walk , I have done the same route and just started at the Anarchy Brewery(which is situated next to Walkergate metro) then hopped on the metro to Byker and walked down to the Tynebank Brewery and from there you can skip the Ouseburn , or you can be completely mad and do all of them.

Please check each Breweries websites for opening hours.

Meet and Eat
The Anarchy Brewery – Check their website to see who is providing scran

Nearest Metro

1. Anarchy Brewery*
2. Almasty Brewery**
3. Tynebank Brewery
4. Full Circle Brewery***
5. Brinkburn Street Brewery
6. Arch 2****
7. The Bridge Tavern
8. Errant Brewery*
9. Wylam

* limited opening times or days
** Seasonal opening Times
*** Erratic opening times because it is an event space
**** Food orientated you may need to book

updated 03/2022