Drinking in the car park of Sunderland’s historic Langham Tower has been rendered unbearable with the addition of a saxophonist.

I fucking hate Sax-ama-phones, I mean is it Brass section or Woodwind?

The building which was formerly the Uni of Sunderland’s headquarters- which they sold for a knockdown price to the now-defunct Sunderland High School – has been rescued and will become an events venue.

While the renovation is ongoing of the historic building they have flung open their car park to people as a pop-up venue festooned with impractical furniture, sheds, fucking saxophone player and DJ.

From all accounts, it looks like the Fake Tan Clan love it, the residents not so much- as a number of complaints have already been received from music lovers requesting that the council takes the saxophone and fucks it into the sea.

Of course, we wish the new owners all the best but it’s just not for me, or music lovers