Tiger Tiger was shit, I suspect the short-lived Eden was also shit. So, to continue with the winning formula of failed shit bars, The Loft will be taking over the unit and it promises an Ibiza ‘Super’ Club experience.

If you’re old enough to remember when Ibiza was cool, then it’s probably aimed at you. How can I say that? Well, 90’s ‘total ledge’ Pete Tong will be playing its opening night.

So you can expect the usual banging beats, WKD, angry red-faced blokes looking for an excuse to kick your head in, venereal diseases and low-quality class ‘A’s.

I suspect the Loft with its 1500 capacity, VIP areas and all the trappings that have failed at the same location, doing the same thing will be a disappointing failure.

Aye, I know it’s a shame when someone’s business goes tits up and people lose their jobs, but if your entire business plan is removing seating and changing a name but offering the same old shit, then you can expect the same results.

The Gate, which, god bless its wee cotton socks, has been shit since the day it opened, with its merry go round of failed venues, hazard tape, hen dos and it’s a failed attempt to be an upmarket Bigg Market has failed utterly and I don’t think The Loft will do much to change that perception