132-140 New Bridge Street,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
United Kingdom,
Previous Names: Joe Wilsons/Adelaide/Stout Fiddler/Kings Manor
Area: Byker
Pub Number: 56

– The building is on the corner of Newcastle’s shortest street, Minden Street is just shy of 45ft long
– Formerly Joe Wilsons, named after the Geordie Bard, Joe was the landlord of the pub between 1882-85 – until Joe became teetotal
– In 1900 it was called Charltons
– The owner ran a competition to rename the pub in the 2010s, the alleged sole entry was ‘Moot’
– The short-lived Kings Manor was a Hadrian and Border Taproom
– Since its closure it has been a Letting Agents and Coffee bar, now its a weird combination of the two

It takes a certain level of inadequacy for a bar to fail this close to a university campus.

Moot, which replaced the Irish-themed pub, the Stout Fiddler(nicked named the Scout Fiddler), was a modern, dimly lit, dark bar with mixologists and all sorts of other things.

It wasn’t very good.

I think I was only in it once because I was going for a Mr Magoo, and some irate guy started pounding the door, giving me a hard time for taking so long.

So, I quickly finished my business so the impatient individual could use the shitter, While washing my hands, I noticed the soap dispenser was open. I took a bag of soap from the dispenser and spread it across the toilet floor, in the hope the impatient gab-shite would slip and fall when he came out after his urgent poo.

Obviously, I promptly left to avoid getting into a fistfight with a soap-covered poorer.