Front St,
Newcastle upon Tyne
Previous Names: The Sun Inn
Area: Benton
Pub Number: 90

The first of the Front Street pubs, and perhaps the one I was in the most when I was a long-suffering civil servant.

It’s an old thick-walled building, and it looks like a proper pub outside. Previously, it had two distinct areas, but a makeover a few years ago has opened it all up. In the center is a large bar as you walk in, which has a good selection of ales and well-kept cooking lagers. To the left, there is a raised seating area, and to the right, another seating area.

If you follow the bar around, you’ll get to the pool table and the toilets. The toilets should get a special mention because they were the grimiest toilets I had been in for a long while, but they have since been sorted out.

I have a soft spot for the ale house. Maybe it’s because it’s the only thing I enjoyed about the civil service, maybe it’s because the beer’s pretty good, or maybe it’s because when I walk in I always see someone I know.