A Shoreditch Makeover -to my suprise- is not a cockney gang land punishment where you are force fed kale while a beard plays a ukulele at you, instead it will be the central theme of the impending renovation of  Gosforths Queen Vic.

There is no denying that the Queen Vic is a great local pub and is a firm favourite of Beer Bore tours. It’s impressive exterior on a major junction is the focal point of a decent run of pubs up the High Street. 

Unfortunately over the last year or two  it was starting to look a little bit shabby.

This is all going to change with a 500k investment which will see it expanded, with upstairs opened up, a stripped back interior and the outside getting spruced up.

There is always a certain feeling of apprehension when a much loved boozer is given a radical face lift. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about, and it will be more Bridge Tavern than Fever.

Full details of the plans here