Address :
38 Ferryquay St,
BT48 6JB

You’ve heard of a ship in a bottle, but if you want to enjoy a bottle in a ship (and stay on dry land) let your sea legs take you up inside the city walls and go on board the good ship The Anchor.

Here you’ll be given whatever rations or rum you need for the voyage home, but at no risk of sea-sickness, because the Anchor is none other than a sturdy little bar done up for all the world like a sailing ship of old.

Rigging, canvas sail, anchor, ship’s wheel, capstan, ship’s bell, life belt, ship’s lantern – it’s all here, even down to the portholes and waves on the walls. A ship’s staircase takes you up to the upper deck where you can scan the horizon or enjoy a drink at one of the little tables in the privacy of the wooden-panelled captain’s cabin, with its galleon windows.

You’ll come “onshore” after the voyage expecting to taste salt on your lips and hear the cry of gulls in your ears.

The Anchor is one of those little ports you find from time to time when the wind is fair and it’s plain sailing all the way to the bar-mouth.