37-39 High St,
BT20 5BE

You’ve seen “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ – – now here’s “Cart on a Hot Inn Roof’, because perched right up on top of this over-21s pub is an actual 90-year-old farmyard cart: surely an unusual way to underline the notion of a taste of the country in the heart of the town.

This was formerly the Cartwheel Wine Bar/ Restaurant, and inside you can still see three or more full-size carriage wheels. The whole effect is one of a country-style bar, with dark timbers and cream walls combining pleasantly, and complemented by a huge open fireplace and hearth, featuring Granny’s big, black kettles, griddle and tongs.

With the downstairs bar floor done in heather brown tiles throughout, the fireplace in Canadian clay bricks, and engraved wine-box ends positioned round the walls, the overall result is very good indeed.
Upstairs, the restaurant carries on the country theme, with a pole churn and other rural props.
The bottle rack partition, and stall-type wooden snugs suggest a cosy, intimate place for wining and dining, before you are “carted off’ to the entertainment of your choice.