38 Neville Street, directly opposite the Central Station.
Metro – Central Station
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Monday – Saturday 11pm – 11pm and Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm

Imagine it now, your in Dublin, you want to go for a pint of the black stuff, you stick your head into a smoke-filled bar with an ole fella at one end of the bar telling tall tales and puffing on his clay pipe, in a far corner you can hear the whine of the fiddle and the haunting lilt of lovers voice as he sings about lost love and what could have been…. Well, that might be in Dublin, this is nothing like an Irish pub. Nailing a bike to the wall does not make a pub Irish; neither does giving the walls a dirty protest feel. In a token nod to the Orish as we liked to be called most of the bar staff are Irish; the Guinness is at dublinesque prices. Also serves food, but there is not a sausage egg soda insight…it’s so bad it verges on offensive