Belfast’s Eglantine inn ( or The Eg), once a popular spot for students and blow-ins like me, has in the last decade limped on from one failed refurb or rebrand to another, and although the most recent lick of paint was welcome it once again didn’t take.

Enter Wetherspoons, as many of you know Wetherspoons have been trying to get a license in Belfast for decades only to be blocked by money laundering local pubs and pub groups.. and they abandoned plans for two boozers in derelict properties 

Say what you like about Wetherspoons, but they would have given the local pubs a well-needed kick up the when they announced the purchase of the eg, next to the Bot and the university there was squeaky bum time for the local operators.

So it is massively disappointing that Wetherspoons have sold on the Eg and the corresponding license to Clover group.. allowing Clover group to further tighten their grip on Belfasts nightlife

So what we can expect from the purchase?

Clover group pubs are nice enough inside though a bit samey, We can expect a stupid name change unrelated to the local area or heritage and tin whistles