Clover Group has commenced the refurbishment of The Eg, deviating from their usual twee Orish nonsense by transforming it into a sports bar with An impressive array of amenities aimed at the sport-conscious pub goer 47 large screens, 291 pool tables, 6,000 dartboards, and an on-site F1 track

It doesn’t end there, it will  offer a mouth-watering selection of locally sourced food and a bar brimming with local craft ales all at a reasonable price

Oh who the fuck am I kidding?

It’s going be the soulless shit-filled abortion of a ‘space’ with wall-to-wall bollocks, the same tedious drinks, and the same guitar wanker that we have to tolerate in every other terrible bar in Belfast – but this time with people shouting incomprehensible bollocks at a big screen TV

The burning question is what this place will be renamed to. Over the years Clover group has given us some belters from  ‘Pug Uglys’ to  ‘Margot’, and ‘Brat’

I would hazard a guess they will call it ‘Culchies’ or ‘ MudKicking Savages’ rather than a local sports personality