Seems that the only thing of any note I achieved at University, has closed… Again.

It’s a shame for the owners and the employees- it was a canny venue in a bad place.

When the Students union acquired it back in 1997 to replace the much-missed Carlton bar- during one of the incredibly tedious exec meetings I was obliged to attend-  the VP raised concerns about its location, next to halls of residence popular with international students who ‘were not big drinkers’.

In response, the then president of the Union said ‘We’ll have Coffee Machines, shuttle buses and a river taxi to Manor Quay’.

As to be expected, it struggled,  even after the closure of Wearmouth bar. Then, the University- in true University of Sunderland style- sold it off leaving the union with only Manor Quay/North Shore which was then handed over to an external operator and then closed.