The Axis opened a few weeks ago in a vacant arch on the Gateshead side of the High-Level bridge. I popped along to see what it was like and it’s lovely.

The interior feels more like a cafe with high tables and a lovely-looking bar, and what’s always unusual for a micropub is that there is not a pallet or homemade key keg chair in sight. They have a constant rotation of about 5 beers and the ones I sampled were excellent. 

It also has a small seating area at the front which is a class for watching the world go by. The staff and the punters were all friendly.

Plans are afoot to add a (very) Microbrewery at the rear of the cosy unit.

It’s a great addition to the circuit of pubs on that side of the water. You can now have a decent afternoon crawl of Axis, Microbus, The Central, and Station East.