After a well received premiere at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, the long awaited ‘A Passion for Vaux’ documentary has been released on DVD.

Beer Bore have nothing but fond memories of Vaux and it’s beer, and this promises to be a welcome trip down memory lane.

‘On the 2nd of July 1999 Sunderland in north east England was forced to say goodbye to its beloved Vaux Brewery. After 162 years of brewing tradition the city centre site was abandoned, the victim of money men who thought little of those that had made their lives within its walls. As a business where family values and loyalty between management and workforce were paramount, Vaux was an anomaly in the late 20th Century world of the Big City shareholders. ‘A Passion for Vaux – Sunderland’s Lost Brewery’ is a documentary film about the working pride of Wearside and of the people of Vaux, it is about tradition, loyalty and great beer.’

You can buy the Documentary here