Hot on the heels of reopening a soon to fail pub on a roundabout, the company responsible are looking to open a Geordie theme pub in Strawberry Place.

The High Street Group who own the plot has asked NUFC fans what they would like to see in the bar. My suggestion would be a Sports Direct that fans can protest at in their NUFC tops closer to the ground. It would reduce travel and give fans more time to spend money in the ground to prop up the owners they hate.

I thought all the pubs in Newcastle were Geordie, much in the way all pubs in Ireland are by default Irish pubs 

What the fuck is going to be in Geordie theme pub? Sting? Gazzas’ famous chicken? Geordie Shore spit roast? A man punching a horse? 

At least with Irish pubs, you can have bikes on the wall and some cunt in a jumper playing a tin whistle… what are trad nights going to look like? Some wee scrote thinking he’s scooter shouting over music played on his phone?