In my day, Heaton had three bars, The Chilli, The Corner House, and The Hussar.
The Hussar was a terrifying Stab Shack.
The Corner House was a bland chain pub.
The Chilli served Workie Ticket so I loved it.

A mere 20 years later we now have  Elder Beer Cafe. Heaton Tap, Tipsy Toad. Flight, Sobermessa, House, and now Layover

Layover is a pop-up bar in the Former Brownie Bar, it is a stopgap until the new Hide bistro opens. As you can probably tell Layover /Hide are sister venues to the Nearby NEST and Heaton Roads Flight

Layover will have a monthly international drinks theme, Mexico, Cuba that kinda thing

When I paid a visit it was busy and they have done a decent job of refurbishment (the layout is unchanged from its brownie bar days), The decor is that trendy stripped-back, and industrial feel, and it was good to see the old tiles from its butchers’ daycare back on display

Hopefully in January Layover will have a Scottish theme for Burns Night and you can drink Buckfast and Tennents while fighting with the peelers.