Closed – 2018
Renamed : Cornerhouse in 1988 ish
165 Main St,
BT92 0JE

In Lisnaskea, I went in search of Paddy Cassidy in The Corner House only to find that he had retired.
Paddy not only used to pull the pints but also the crowds to see his intriguing museum on a two-room extension to his little pub.

Over the years Paddy collected some rare exhibits of local history, ranging from a toy donkey wearing a bardogh made from sally rods from nearby Lough Erne which were extensively used here about 100 years ago.

But by far the most interesting relic was a 250-year-old cross, a grim reminder of those dark and evil days of the Penal times. His collection of ‘incredibilia’ was famous, and he appeared regularly in numerous newspapers, magazines, on radio, and T.V.

It was a remarkable little pub, but far more remarkable was the host himself for this pub was the embodiment of the principle that a pub is the expression of the personality of its owner. Paddy was not only the curator of his little museum, he was also a Shanashie, a weaver of words.

Not only did he tell a story but he orchestrated it as well, a repository of myth and history and a chronicler all rolled into one. He would even perform a jig for you if you asked him nicely.

Although Paddy is retired, I’m glad to report his remarkable collection is now preserved forever in the town’s small library for all to see.