CLOSED – 2002
170-174 Coleraine Road
County Londonderry
BT55 7HU

The size and sprawl of the Roman Empire on the north coast of Northern Ireland!

All the grandeur of ancient Rome half a mile away from Portstewart!

Tyrant Emperor’s villa holds the ultimate disco nightclub!

These must be the catchlines for this staggering new disco entertainment complex: Ireland’s biggest nightspot, which has opened its doors to cater to the leisure tastes of the 1990s. Nero’s is simply breathtaking in its sheer size and concept – a Roman forum of huge pillars, Doric columns, classical statues, marble mouldings and amphitheater dimensions.

The unique marble dance floor, the specially commissioned carpet with its Nero’s head design, the three-tier construction, the sweeping staircase, the Romanesque balcony and the atrium-style entrance all invite the fun-seeker into a whole new dimension of discotheque entertainment.

Nero’s covers 12,500 square feet in Senate House proportions and massive car parking surrounds.
There are four bars and a smaller disco section to cater exclusively for private parties, as well as a stage for live groups, such as Showaddywaddy.

The whole complex was the brainchild of the owner, Norman Menary, who designed and built it in grand style, and deserves the thumbs-up for his enterprise.

If you are over twenty-one, and in proper dress, you’ll be welcomed for a very special night out.

They say Nero fiddled while Rome burned, and he’s still making music in the hottest spot in town.