It really is hard to describe Northern Irish politics and drinking laws without coming across as a frothing lunatic, but I will try…

A few years ago, the Belfast beer festival- which had its home at the Ulster Hall for the 30 odd years- had to move because the council had upped the fees.

This was met with some surprise as the beer festival has always been an inclusive cross-community event that supported the Ulster hall during the troubles.

So it moved to Botanic Gardens.

But now a local councilor has raised concerns about noise, crowd dispersal, and anti-social behaviour.

Spoken like a man who has never been to a CAMRA beer festival.

So why the sudden concern about unruly CAMRA members? Could be any number of reasons; He might think that CAMRA is a new paramilitary organisation – sorry – concerned residents group, trying to muscle in on established entrepreneurial self-employed pharmacists.

Or it could be the impact of the lost revenue from the local laundries.

Or it could be that CAMRA doesn’t have enough tin whistles to make it a truly inclusive Cross community event.

Or it could be that it’s being used to have a dig at an opposition party.

Or, and this might seem far-fetched, he is genuinely concerned that a load of beards in sandals will cause disruption.

Anyway you can read the crock of shite here