Renamed : Tipplers

45 John St
Northern Ireland

Featured on the Pubs of Ulster poster as Rodger’s Bar, The Bodega is a delightful little retreat, with the friendliest staff imaginable.

As its name might imply, it exudes a vaguely Spanish air, both in the downstairs bar and in the waiter-services loft above.

True to its name and image, The Bodega will offer on request an assortment of special drinks with Spanish flavour and origin.

The plaster has been removed to expose the old stone and brick walls underneath, and this, together with the open fires and flagged floor, blends effortlessly with the modernised pine woodwork to allow the customer to be cosy and comfortable, yet feel a sense of the bar of yesteryear.

There’s an old washboard, such as grandma used to scrub her clothes on, hanging on the wall and it’s easy to imagine in the relaxed atmosphere of The Bodega that it’s been there from the beginning and nobody thought of moving it.