Drumbegs famously child unfriendly pub has been sold to the people behind Muriel’s.

For those not familiar with Bob Stewart’s it is situated in picturesque Drumbeg. The boozer is dark, rustic, serves excellent food and is covered in signs big and small saying kids are not welcome.

How unwelcome? The soft play is a Hawkman city spinning spike laden arena and the baby change mate is Irelands largest functioning trebuchet that can fling a 14lb baby into Finnaghy.

Not that I have a problem with adult-only pubs, because I once got thrown out of a wacky warehouse for drinking a bottle of gin in the Ball pool.

Hopefully, it will remain unchanged with only minor additional ‘Fuck off Kids’ signs. I can’t comment on the new owners’ other pubs, because I haven’t been in Muriels since it was The Glass Jar –  yes I’m that old.