Belfast is a hotbed of new breweries who really could do with a bit of a hand in raising the visibility of their product to the relatively virgin palates of the great Northern Irish public.

And that’s why Beerbore welcomes the new deal with Saddlers, the Birmingham based brewery who are famous for brewing Peaky Blinders- a notorious Birmingham gang who murdered people.

The local connection doesn’t stop there as the delivery van is registered in Birmingham also.

Local Brewery KneeCap Keg Company are not impressed , ‘We brew barely passable beer in a lock-up just off Ulsterville Avenue and we have any number of locally themed inappropriately named beers, like, Sectarian Rioting, Peacewall and our most popular ‘Car Bomb’ – a 4.5 percenter guaranteed to get you legless and because it’s Northern Ireland, all our beers are bitter’.

Details of the IFA support for local industry is here