Apparently this is a big deal for you youngins. I’d never heard of it, so I googled and I’ll let the reviews of their sister clubs talk for themselves:

‘The door girl thinks she’s Victoria Beckham and decided not to let my friend in for being “aggressive” when she merely questioned you pay on the door the amount the door girl thinks your worth (based on your looks)’

‘It’s actually just not good. If you manage to get in past the discriminating door staff you’ll be disappointed. This club is tiny, packed to the brim and full of wannabe’s’

‘In short, your club ripped us off for almost £1000 and refused to provide an invoice when requested. Your door staff refused entry based on gender and made various elitist comments’

And from Wikipedia

‘The Virgin Pocket Guide to London noted that it was “notoriously tough to get into” unless you were a member or celebrity, and another publication stated that “you may have to sell your organs to get into this celebrity pick-up joint with lightly trashy overtones’

I’m not sure they will sell pickled eggs and the latest Farmhouse Saison From Bin Juice Brewery, so I might avoid it.