Dylans/The Pit Bar, seems to have been expunged not only from peoples memories but the internet.

I have a phone number but no address other than ‘Westgate Road’ and no photos’ which is a shame because let’s be honest, if Dylan’s was still open it would probably be one of hippiest bars in Newcastle.

For those who don’t know/ remember/ care Dylan’s was a doorway between Tillys and the Tyne Theatre Box office.

If you got past the rather ominous door , you walked down a flight of stairs into a tiny basement bar, partially finished in wood with white painted stonewalls. The small bar was tucked against one wall.

Although Dylans was tiny and a little uncomfortable, the bar had a great selection of ale and an impressive whiskey menu.

It was a great spot either for a few quiet drinks on a Sunday night or a breather before you made your way to a late bar.

In spite of all this, the one thing that sticks in my head about it is- what can best be described as the tunnel – to the toilets.

The bar having been built in the basement of the much older buildings above it, the aforementioned masonry was perhaps a little loose. If you took a wrong turn in the toilet tunnel you were greeted with a partially collapsed bit of corridor… god knows what happened?!

Fondly remembered and sadly missed.