Along the coast just outside Sunderland is the picturesque village of Whitburn.

Whitburn was serviced by 2 pubs and the cricket club. The large Grey Horse pub closed a few months back and locals have been campaigning to save it.

Unfortunately, despite the locals best efforts, the new owners do not believe the pub is viable and have applied for a change of use.

The downstairs will be a convenience store while upstairs will be a mixture of residential and business premises.

Personally, I was never a fan of the Grey Horse, it was borne from disappointment, the impressive facade hid a mundane Hungry Horse pub. I feel that the Grey Horses fortunes could have been turned around, in a similar way to the Northumberland Hussar, making it a location to visit for lunch and decent beer. But it was not to be. Yet another pub in Sunderland bites the dust.

The one silver lining is that it should increase the footfall in the nearby Jolly Sailor, and help secure its future.

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