Newcastle Prides itself in high concept bars. Actually, it doesn’t, and let’s face it they have started to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to stupid ideas for pubs.

So even I was left scratching my head at the Facebook announcement that Floritas (or one of its neighbours on Collingwood street), has been turned into a ball pit bar. I mean, I thought the LinkedIn wankers pub was bad or the pub famous for its wallpaper…but this takes the biscuit.

Suppose it’s by the same people behind the Litter tray next to the central motorway Beach Box. So, fucking terrible ideas are a given.

Ball pits- normally reserved for wacky warehouses and soft plays- have transitioned into nightlife.

Having had the misfortune of wading through a kids ball pit- full of spit, sticky balls, and half-eaten burgers- I can only imagine the puddles of adult effluent that could be produced on a night out, sticky balls are a given.

I’m actually starting to miss Irish theme bars.