As you know by now the two things Beer Bore loves the most are pubs and ‘Fun’. And if you chuck the word ‘Super’ into the mix you have our attention.

A new ‘Pub Fun Super’ is opening in the incredibly brilliant Gate. The Gate for those who don’t know –  is a huge soulless glass building that has everything you won’t use, closed chain restaurants, out of order lifts, an echoey interior so you can her Shania screeching, the smell of sick, piss and bleach and an edgy atmosphere.

The famous (the Chronicles words not mine) Beyond and Piano bar recently closed and have been taken over by the people who own Colonel Porters – which is a good pub. They are knocking the two awful bars together to make one larger awful pub, which will apparently have everything you have come to loath- DJs, Food, quizomedy, pissed hen do’s and cunts in white shirts doing lads things for top bants. 

This new Super Fun Bar will be opening soon, and since it’s actually a new bar I’ll have to pop in and have a drink while muttering under my breath about the loss of the Mayfair.