They should just rename the local paper ‘Disgruntled local with a logo of a man pointing at a pothole”.

The Hanson- which is apparently in Jesmond and definitely not Sandyford or on Sandyford Road- has annoyed local residents in Jesmond by daring to ask to sell alcohol.  The residents are- quite frankly- sick of sick, broken bottles and all the other stuff that people in big houses complain about.

The residents say that the place is already like Ibiza in July with The Vegans descending en masse to The Carriage to eat tofu.  The well to do in As You Like It quaffing wine until well after 9 pm, and on a Sunday!

Add the quite frankly awful Mr. Lynches/Archer (or whatever stupid name it goes by now) and it is like the fall of Rome around there most nights with people out past 7 pm, talking and supporting the local jobs and economy.

Jesmond residents would prefer it the local business in SANDYFORD, went bankrupt, lay empty for a few years so they could complain to the local paper about it and then it to be turned into a Marketing design agency called Quails and Choirboys who make bespoke online experiences.

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