The truly awful Pumpherys to be turned into a blues bar.

Bigg market perineal shit hole- Pumpherys- has been taken over by its new(ish) neighbour The Market Shaker, and turned into a blues bar. Normally I would lament the end of a traditional, spit and sawdust boozer, but Pumphrey’s was an awful place, full of awful people.

How awful?

The last time I was in I thought, ‘Why are there no flat surfaces in the bloke’s toilets?’

Then a fat bloke, covered in tattoos, came in, cut a line of a suspicious-looking white Powder on the slanty surface, rolled up a tenner and tried to snort it before it ended up on the floor. It was like watching a real-life hungry hungry hippo.

I get the feeling the Beehive is probably next in the ongoing tidy up of the Grande Marche.