Have I mentioned that this is one of my favourite pubs in Sunderland?

Did I mention that I had all my graduation photos taken in front of it?

Surely I have not regaled you with the tale of how locals knew I was a student because I sat down in the pub?

I have? 

Anyway, my favourite pub in Sunderland where I had all my graduation photos taken and found out that if you sit down in a pub locals assume you’re a student, will convert the abandoned upstairs into a venue to host comedy gigs etc. 

The pub itself is excellent, with open fires, ornate ceilings, good beer and toilets so cold you have to climb over a dead polar bear to go for a piss.

The pub has benefited from a recent(ish) refurbishment and has obtained a grant for further restoration to the exterior of the pub. Based on the care and attention the owners have luxuriated upon it in the past, the venue promises to keep with the feel of the building.