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Sometimes for reasons never fully understood, a place can insinuate itself, almost effortlessly, into your favour just by its air of friendliness and goodwill. Such was the case when we visited the cosy little Anchor Lounge, right at the bottom corner of High Street, and commanding a sweeping view of Bangor Bay.

This circular little bar, named the Anchor by the new owner, because he came into possession of it just as the new Marina was completed, was formerly Silvers Bar, a name far too icy cold for the warm intimacy of the place. It seems to cater for an older crowd, and the man at the window smoking his pipe and gazing out at the sea when we were there seemed to be written into the lease.

Upstairs the smart little restaurant bar offers a good lunch menu and a fine view of the Marina and pier. Immediately adjacent is Henri’s Nite Club, while the public bar at the back is known locally as Wee Jack’s.

The Anchor is a popular meeting place for local dart teams and sports clubs. It’s one of those little bars that you take to your heart, and wear against the chill of the winter cold.