Music Slash Art- or MSA as the kids call it- has called time and will not be reopening.

The Hood Street venue- prior to disappearing up its arse- was called Bar 42 for a number of years. For those unfamiliar with it, it was a deceptively large basement bar, which judging by its layout and its feel was probably an old Vaux pub and shared a similar feel to its Basement Brethren, the Northumberland Arms and Trillians.
I had only been in MSA once and it was a perfectly fine, though ultimately forgettable ‘Bar’. 

Their website patter still amuses me

Our simple mantra ‘Music Slash Art’ outlines a bespoke underground space, a blank canvas for celebrated ‘outsider’ artists, contrasted against a design-focused interior, and service policy second to none. We use the word ‘content’ with a sense of pride, with both the venue itself and the music policy we implement throughout our weekly programme, carefully constructed to maximise the experience.

I mean, fuck me, not a hint of self-awareness.