90’s hip and happening joint The Offshore 44 makes a triumphant return to its former home in the Hop and Cleaver.

The co-joined bar has gone through a number of changes in recent years. When The Offshore ‘closed ‘ it became the Hop and Cleaver, a smoke and brew house.

The end of that venture came suddenly when the attached Arcane brewery was unceremoniously removed, and, the Hop and Cleaver along with its neighbour- Bob Trollops was absorbed into the perennial purveyor of pies- The Redhouse.

Now Vaulkhard group has once again thrown cash at the pub and turned it back into The Offshore 44, back in the day I actually like the pub, the beer was always a bit iffy but it had a cosy feel to it and I always liked hiding in the small chart room and watching the world go by.