You don’t wait for one James Bond bar to come along only for two to arrive at the same time. 

Hot on the heels of the James Bond style private members club in the old Pizza Express building,  purveyors of questionable pubs -Tokyo Industries- have applied for licensing to convert the old City Vaults upper floor into a James Bond style whisky, burlesque and lap dancing club.

You can almost smell the stale semen and desperation.

Nearby pubs have put in objections to it saying it will bring down the tone of the Bigg Market.

Yes, being down the tone of the Bigg Market… what a weird and wonderful time to be alive.

In their defence, a number of companies have invested huge amounts of money trying to make the Bigg Market a bit more pleasant and for the most part, they have succeeded.

Despite these objections, Newcastle City council have given it the go-ahead