As mentioned over on the Beer Brethren group and Facebook page, SJFs pub estate has been sold to Ladhar group, who pretty much owns everything in town. The deal is reported to be 9 million quid upfront, securing all the chain’s pubs.

Ladhar, who have been increasing their property and Pub portfolio to complement their old people’s homes, currently run The Redhouse, Pleased to meet you and Lady Greys which are decent enough boozers, and it would instil a level of hope that they won’t get royally screwed into the ground.

But then Ladhar group bought 28 pubs from the ill-fated Wessex Taverns back in 2007, which included Hoko-10 (sold) Legends ( ran into the ground and sold) and The Red House.

Of course, only time will tell, maybe they will keep them on as a going concern.